Maximize Your Crypto Exposure: Top 5 Crypto Ad Networks in 2023

13 Jan 2023
7 mins read
5 Best crypto ad networks

Crypto advertising is an excellent way to promote your crypto-related products or services to a large audience of crypto enthusiasts. However, traditional ad platforms, like Google AdSense, Facebook, or Twitter, don’t allow you to advertise crypto ads.

Fortunately, crypto ad networks — a platform that connects crypto publishers with advertisers — solve this dilemma.

Crypto ad networks offer a range of options that can help you achieve your goals, whether you're a Web3 start-up or a blockchain business trying to boost sales.

Keep an eye on these top 5 crypto ad networks and pick the one that fits your business needs.

5 Best Crypto Ad Networks in 2023 to Promote Your Crypto Business

1. Coinzilla

Coinzilla is a highly-rated crypto ad network that receives an average of 1 billion monthly impressions from over 650 crypto websites worldwide.

The platform offers a wide range of ad formats and allows you to target specific demographics, including geographic location and device type. Additionally, it provides advanced analytics and a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to track the performance of your campaigns.

If your crypto project meets the platform's basic requirements, such as good engagement and interaction rates, CoinZilla accepts your website project.

2. BitMedia

BitMedia is a London-based crypto ad network that specializes in performance-based advertising. This popular platform currently runs about 20,000 campaigns with over 5,000 crypto websites.

BitMedia uses an AI and proprietary algorithm to match the right ads to the right audiences and reaches millions of users globally. The platform offers CPM (cost-per-mile) and CPC (cost-per-click) models, AI-based targeting options, strict verification checks, and third-party traffic analytics.

The network also provides a self-serve platform, allowing the publishers to manage their campaigns and see the results in real-time.

3. Cointraffic

With 400 publishers and 1,000 advertisers, Cointraffic has been a leading ad network platform since 2014. It offers multiple advertising formats for mobile and desktop and provides CPM and pop-up advertising options.

The important bit to remember here is that Cointraffic vets its publishers and approves only legitimate ones with high-quality traffic. As a result, its advertisers enjoy ad traffic from the most relevant audience in their crypto ad campaigns.

4. CoinAd

CoinAd is an invite-only crypto ad network where it sends invites to publishers. It mostly reaches out to crypto websites with at least 100,000 daily page impressions.

The network enables crypto websites to connect with established advertisers and guarantees booming ad traffic from a relevant crypto audience. Moreover, it doesn’t auction advertising bids but gives equal opportunities to crypto marketers for their banners to gain exposure throughout the day.

5. A-ADS

A-ADS (Anonymous Ads) is a pioneer crypto ad network, active since 2011. With over 70 million impressions and 60,000+ clicks per day, it functions on the principle of anonymity per transaction, meaning it removes all personal data and verification requirements that most crypto ad networks require.

Along with CPA and CPM bids and affiliate programs, A-ADS implements a CPD (cost-per-day) model. Moreover, its customizations, such as geotargeting and ad placement options, and clear metrics are a huge help for ads’ performance.

Crypto ad networks are secure, convenient, and powerful tools for promoting your crypto products or services to a targeted audience. While each of these has unique features that make them stand out and align with different business goals, you should consider the one that maximizes the impact of your advertising efforts.

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