7 DeFi marketing strategies to boost user acquisition

7 Oct 2022
5 mins read
7 DeFi marketing strategies

In the crypto industry, Decentralized Finance or DeFi is one of the rapidly growing areas. In the recent few years, a lot of companies have created their DeFi protocol. With the exponential increase in competition, it is slowly becoming harder to rope in customers and DeFi marketing strategies can help the companies sort out this problem.

7 DeFi marketing strategies that can significantly increase your user acquisition

1. Provide trading incentives and encourage active trading

Any DeFi protocol focuses on two metrics - monthly active users and total value locked or TVL. Every DeFi protocol marketer wants to exponentially increase these two KPIs. Through trading rewards programs you will be able to rapidly increase both the KPIs while increasing the trust of potential or new users who are thinking about joining your DeFi protocol.

In order to increase trading practices, you can gamify the trading process and also host trading competitions. As for the rewards you can offer the users limited-edition NFTs, stablecoins, fiat money, etc.

2. Use advertisement for DeFi promotion

You can make use of an advertising campaign to reach more customers and increase your user base. Although Google and Facebook have a lot of restrictions regarding DeFi and crypto advertisement you can certainly use various DeFi marketing strategies, crypto networks, ad formats, etc, to reach out to the users.

3. Make a long-term SEO and content marketing strategy

Although a lot of people overlook the importance of SEO and content marketing as part of DeFi marketing strategies. In DeFi using SEO and content marketing strategy can provide you with long-term benefits.

For DeFi protocols search engine results matter a lot and with the help of content marketing, you will be easily able to reach out to the ideal DeFi users interested in your project.

You can also gain the trust of the users by providing them with quality information about your DeFi protocol and simultaneously attracting new users.

4. Increase your platform’s visibility through PR campaigns

If a potential user gets to know about your DeFi protocol through other DeFi marketing strategies then they will start researching your platform online. You can increase your credibility by publishing information about your De-Fi project on the most trustworthy crypto websites.

Also having your DeFi protocol information on high-traffic websites will also increase your SEO efforts. To increase your user base, you should publish a story based on your goals and the actual problem you are trying to solve in the market.

5. Release your DeFi website on famous listing websites and DeFi trackers

There are multiple listing websites that have become extremely popular nowadays because users can access essential and updated information on DeFi protocols through these platforms. Some of these platforms include Coinmarketcap, DeFi Lama, Etherscan DeFi tracker, Dappradar, etc.

As part of your DeFi marketing strategies, you can publish your DeFi project on these reputed platforms and receive credible users or traffic from the same. While publishing the information don’t forget to mention your goals, partners, important investors, etc.

6. Partner with DeFi influencers

One of the most popular and effective DeFi marketing strategies through which you can heavily increase your user acquisition is by collaborating with DeFi influencers and increasing your brand awareness through them.

With the help of these famous influencers, you will be easily able to create trustworthy relationships with DeFi protocol users.

7. Organize a referral program

Another important DeFi marketing strategies include referral marketing or referral program. It is also known as ‘word of mouth’ marketing and it allows the current users to reap additional benefits by endorsing your DeFi platform through their network.

Summing up

DeFi is an ever-evolving and dynamic ecosystem therefore your DeFi marketing strategies also need to be dynamic in order to acquire more and more customers. You need to perfectly evaluate your KPIs and implement the appropriate strategies in order to develop your business.