Beginners guide to NFT Marketing Strategy

7 Oct 2022
5 mins read
Beginners guide to nft marketing

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs can be sold for millions of dollars and have rapidly become very popular among tech enthusiasts, music artists, investors, art collectors, gamers, etc. These days everyone wants to get hold of at least one NFT.

The most important fact about NFT is that not every single NFT is a prized possession and the overall price of your NFT is decided by the NFT marketing strategy that you have adapted or implemented. You need to make use of social media, influencers, digital community, digital marketing, etc. to increase the number and size of bids on your NFT.

Marketing and branding strategy for NFT for a beginner

NFT is something that is unreplicable and if you have an NFT there is no one else in this world who can have it. Therefore, the rarity of your NFT is an important factor and you have to create your marketing strategy based on the same.

For example, the original painting of Monalisa can be sold for millions of dollars but a picture of its creator Leona Da Vinci will not fetch you any significant price. This is simply because Monalisa has a unique feature of its own which makes it different from any other painting in the world.

Special items are invaluable in comparison to non-special items and that is how the notion of supply and demand comes into the picture. The same applies to your NFT and you need to make your NFT stand out from the rest of the crowd.

NFT Marketing Strategies for Beginners

Make your own NFT roadmap

The first thing you need to include in your NFT marketing strategy is to create an NFT roadmap. In this roadmap, you will need to include all the information related to your goals and objectives.

Host regular AMAs

Another important part of your NFT marketing strategy is hosting regular AMAs or Ask Me Anything sessions. This strategy will help you spread information about your project and bring more audiences who are interested in NFTs.

List your NFTs in appropriate marketplaces

Listing and selling your NFTs at the right marketplaces is extremely important. If you want people to purchase your NFTs then you should list appropriate and equally popular marketplaces.

You should also check out the PR mentions and if your NFT protocols are popular on websites such as Lunarcrush.


Although there are multiple NFT-based platforms and marketplaces that have emerged in the recent few years, you need to know a lot about them in order to reap exclusive benefits in this comparatively new industry. You can also look at the successful NFT marketing strategies implemented by other marketing teams which in turn can help your business grow at an exponential rate.