Top Crypto and Blockchain PR Agencies

13 Sep 2023
3 mins read
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Top Crypto and Blockchain PR Agencies

The rising demand for Crypto and Blockchain PR agencies

The demand for blockchain and cryptocurrency marketing and public relations firms is increasing rapidly along with the cryptocurrency industry. You should look for a professional marketing and PR agency if you want to expand your own cryptocurrency business. You'll be more at ease entrusting your company to marketing professionals who have blockchain experience. For blockchain technology, DeFi, and The NFT enterprises, cryptocurrency PR has grown more and more vital. This demand is going to increase with time due to the ever rising need for media coverage and exposure.

How helpful is a PR Agency

A PR Agency can sail your boat and won't let you sink! A reputable and efficient Blockchain PR Agency will help you spread the word about your business and gain a wider audience base. They will accelerate your reach by getting your news published on top media outlets and give a boost to your business. Their experienced and efficient team is completely dedicated to and specialized in the Blockchain Industry and knows the pros and cons of it. Despite being a hot topic, Blockchain and Crypto yet remain a mystery and confusing topic for most of the people. As such these agencies play a crucial role in easing out the stress and confusion of the public. These agencies devise a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy through which they help brands to attain success. They have great connections with crypto journalists and help your news and articles to get published on premium media sites. Here are some top services which these agencies provide:

Social Media Marketing Branding Reputation Management Content Marketing Media Management Public Relations

Here is a list of some of the best Crypto and Blockchain PR Agencies

Are you in search of the best PR Agency for your brand? Let's have a look at the top names in the business:

MediaX Agency - MediaX Agency is currently one of the leading Crypto and Blockchain PR Agency which has strong relationships with big publications and media houses. They have worked with big brands and their data driven approach gives them an edge over others. Their services are fast-paced, efficient and affordable and help you gain leverage in the industry. They help you customize your services and offer the best help to the customers. The perfect amalgamation of behavioral science and Art helps them provide the best PR solutions to your firm. They will offer you all the aid you need to become a successful Crypto and Blockchain Firm.

The industries they serve :

Blockchain & Web3 Technology and Innovation Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Consumer Goods and Retail Financial Services Travel and Hospitality Energy and Sustainability Automotive Entertainment and Media


Influencer Marketing Thought Leadership & Expert Positioning Guest Article Placements Content Creation & Storytelling Content Strategy & Planning Organic Media Coverage & Features

Coinzilla - Coinzilla is well renowned for being one of the top crypto advertising platforms in the crypto world along with providing public relations services. Customers of Coinzilla can keep an eye on their crypto PR campaigns and releases, and it offers escrow services to shield enterprises from fraud and other bad actors. Overall, Coinzilla is a top-tier cryptocurrency marketing firm that gives your Web3 company plenty of media exposure.

Ninja Promo - Ninja Promo is a leading Blockchain and PR Agency which has been ruling the blockchain market for 5 years. They have worked on numerous blockchain projects and given the desired results to clients. With their resourceful technology, they have catered to all the crypto needs of their customers and offered them the best PR solution. Their strong networking has helped them boost the sales and enable firms to create a good reputation in the market.

Services they provide

Consulting NFT and enterprise blockchain development Blockchain training PR and outreach Community management Mobile app development Crypto influencer marketing


NFT Promotion & Shilling Banner Ads Content Marketing Thought Leadership Crypto SEO Press Releases Advertorials & Features

Coinbound - Coinbound is one of the most popular and leading digital marketing and PR agencies which has years of experience in the field of Crypto and Blockchain. They have worked with some leading companies and provided them with the best PR solutions. They have been in the industry for quite some time and this has enabled them to earn the trust and reputation of their clients. Their connections with crypto journalists and influencers has given them an edge over others. Their customized PR and digital marketing solutions are giving brands more visibility and recognition. They have worked with big shots like MetaMask, Voyager, Nexo, OKCoin, Cosmos, eToro & Litecoin.

MarketAcross- MarketAcross is one of the biggest and most established PR and marketing agencies in the digital currency industry. With more than 10 years of experience in the cryptocurrency space, this agency has created a niche for itself and gives sustainable and efficient PR solutions to clients. Its team comprises the best professionals and industry experts who have ample knowledge of content, finance, copywriting, digital marketing and cryptocurrency. It is the most veteran and established PR firm till date.

NeoReach - It serves as an influencer marketing platform with specialized advertising campaigns for cryptocurrency-related firms. NeoReach Agency expands its internal marketing department with Web3 strategists qualified for handling and executing NFT initiatives in addition to influencer marketing. NeoReach Agency helps blockchain startups and businesses establish popularity among their target markets. It specializes in paid advertising and community management via numerous social media channels.


Campaign planning and management

Influencer Marketing

Innovative procedures for blockchain treasury and DAOs

Management of Social Media

Paid Media Promotion

Activations based on experience **

Melrose PR - It is a marketing and PR Agency which specializes in Blockchain and PR projects. To support the promotion of new product releases, they assist businesses in managing campaigns incorporating interviews, publications, promotions and various kinds of media. Social media marketing strategy, paid written material, and raising brand awareness are among the services they provide.

Chainwire - This is one of the most sought after Crypto and Blockchain PR firms. It has catered to more than 300 companies and created a great reputation for itself. Some of the big brands have shown faith in them and they have kept up their promise by delivering the best services. Their services include SEO, social media management, website enhancement, homepage features etc.

Blockman - Blockman is one of the favorite PR firms for Blockchain. It has tailor made marketing campaigns for clients and prevents the fuss over different packages and pricing. It has great connections with big media outlets and provides publication on premium media sites. Its services include - content writing, publication, sponsored articles, PR and marketing campaigns and interviews.

MotherLink - MotherLink primarily specializes in SEO and helps to take your PR campaign to new heights of success. They extensively work on link building, keyword ranking, content research, SEO keywords etc. It also gives its users the authority to enhance and upgrade their performance by giving them useful industry insights, growth metrics, market surveys etc.

Wrap Up

Still confused which company to choose for your Blockchain PR? Well, there are many fishes in the ocean but the best ones are the ones who know their tasks well and have a well-identified niche. We must say that MediaX Agency has an edge over others as it has worked with some of the best brands and collaborated with them to give a new life to their business. If you too want to rejuvenate your Blockchain firm, then Mediax Agency is someone you can trust for long terms. We are the best Crypto and Blockchain PR firm in the business.