Frequently Asked Questions

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What is crypto PR?
Crypto and blockchain are one of the youngest sectors of the economy. A niche and innovative industry, like itself, needs to communicate its technical aspects clearly to the audience to gain trust and credibility. Crypto public relations (PR) helps you inform your target audiences across the world about the value your products or services create. It builds brand awareness and develops trust around your established or upcoming project using creative PR methods and strategies.
How does your crypto PR agency help my business?
An experienced and agile crypto PR agency like MediaX can help your brand quickly adapt to the dynamic environment of traditional and digital PR. We can streamline your brand message, control public perception of your blockchain product or service, and enhance your brand reach and reputation. Moreover, we can help you meet new investors, create a closely-knit community of users, and even attract the right talent and crypto thought leaders to your team.
What other services do you provide except public relations?
Our focus is always on covering the bleeding or hidden spots of a brand. Hence, our services are a comprehensive plan to maximize brand growth in all areas. We offer several crypto marketing services, including strengthening media relations, handling reputation management, forming and growing a community, and planning online and offline events to launch or scale your crypto products. We also provide services like producing and promoting content on Telegram, Instagram, and Twitter, setting up interviews, and collaborating with crypto pioneers and influencers.
What is your turnaround time?
Once you send us a press release for your brand, we can get it published on major digital platforms and finance sites in a matter of a few hours(Business days). The specifications would depend on our plan of experience.
Do you offer guaranteed results?
Yes, we offer guaranteed results, unlike any other crypto PR agency. We have partnered with several websites and platforms that provide us exclusive rights to publish PRs.
When do I start seeing PR and marketing results?
It’s not uncommon for our clients to see effective results within the first month. However, the speed of results depends on your engagement and reciprocation with our team. The quicker it is, the faster you will get results.
Why should I choose you as my crypto PR agency?
You should choose us because we are result-driven. We have worked with several brands and helped them grow and scale their business. You can read our case studies, success stories, and client testimonials to know your fellow business’ opinions about us. We can also send you proof of our results.
What size should my business be before investing in PR?
It’s never too early or too late to invest in PR for your crypto or blockchain brand. We can create a powerful brand image for startups from scratch and nudge the credibility of an established brand in the right direction.
How do you structure your Crypto PR and marketing contracts?
Our service commitments depend on your brand’s needs, current brand standing in the digital arena, and your PR and business goals. At last, we create a structure that suits well with your budget and timeframe.