Dos and Don'ts of Creating Crypto Press Release

16 Jun 2022
5 mins read
Crypto press release

On the crypto market, a laser-targeted press release campaign can leave a lasting impact.

A DeFi or NFT project featured in the top finance websites or media outlets like Forbes, Coindesk, and Sky News is likely to attract potential investors and crypto enthusiasts with relative ease.

On the other hand, crypto ventures who fall short in creating a buzz in the media receive insufficient public attention. Often, they struggle to penetrate their market and build a loyal community for their offering.

Poor preparation, a lack of a captivating PR story, and low-quality images in press releases fail to generate public interest. One must know their way with storytelling and leverage a network of journalists and influencers to raise the awareness of their project.

If you are planning to promote your NFT art or crypto coin successfully, we’ve got you covered. Here are some dos and don'ts when writing a press release for your next crypto campaign.

6 Crypto Press Release Dos & Don’ts

Given the importance of a press release campaign in the competitive crypto industry, releasing a press release can help your crypto brand achieve credibility. The following are six tried-and-true crypto press release tips.


Define the Purpose of Your Press Release

Your offer for a crypto project must be clear in your thinking. Based on this, a marketer must choose targets that will assist you to reach the best possible results. Crypto initiatives often go unnoticed due to the incorrect press release timing.

Determine Who You Want to Reach Out To

Marketers should be aware of their target audience. Determine the specific subject you wish to address after you've determined your target audience. Your target audience will determine how many languages you need to translate your press release.

Make an Eye-Catching Press Release

In a short amount of time, a crypto press release can reach millions of people. To develop your PR story, send all of the facts to the media and industry-leading journalists.

Keep your copy brief and to the point, using core keywords throughout the content. Include a call to action in the document, as well as eye-catching headlines and hashtags. Finally, make sure the data from the press release hasn't been leaked somewhere before releasing it.


Don't Make the Press Release Too Complicated Use the fewest number of paragraphs possible to convey the information. It is unlikely that people will read a full crypto news release, thus avoiding fluff is a good idea. Maintain a tight grip!

Crypto Press releases are for a variety of audiences. It's important to remember this when creating your press release.

Don’t Just Submit to Anyone

The media outlets where you submit your PR, play a big role in its success. You must do your research before sending out the press release. Make a list of the media houses that cover your crypto industry and have a substantial number of readers on that topic. The leading press release submission platforms are Newswire, Cointraffic, Bitcoin PR Buzz, and Forbes. These PR distribution platforms are ideal for getting a good outreach and making an impact.

Don’t Lie!

If you're unsure about anything, conduct a thorough investigation before discussing it in a press release. It will have a direct impact on your business if you use details that are exaggerated or incorrect. Your target audience will lose trust in you.

To write the press release, go over the above and evaluate it. If it's still too difficult for you, you might seek help from PR firms like MediaX. As a leading Blockchain PR agency, they can help you get the best PR coverage for your projects and emerge as a successful crypto venture. To know more, schedule a free consultation call today!