How to Start Influencers Marketing in the Crypto NFT Space

6 Feb 2023
7 mins read
How to Start Influencers Marketing

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The NFT and Crypto markets are experiencing tremendous growth on a daily basis.

If you're considering entering this thriving industry, you're making a wise decision.

However, it's important to keep in mind that the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, making it essential to create distinctive digital assets and promote them strategically to cut the noise and make way like a pro. Precisely, you need to act agile and embrace marketing tactics that are known to engage Web3 enthusiasts without fail - something like influencer marketing.

The Culture of Influencers in the NFT Arena

Influencer marketing is by far one of the most powerful techniques available today to reach your target audience. By leveraging the market name, credibility, and reach of top-rated influencers in the crypto space, you can tap into a highly engaged audience that trusts their recommendations and is more likely to purchase your NFTs and newly-launched digital assets.

Not only that, but influencer marketing will also help you build your loyal community, elevate your brand's visibility, and attract a broader audience that's interested in your offerings.

However, it is observed that many crypto & NFT companies struggle with figuring out how to implement influencer marketing effectively. If you too happen to know less about this domain, worry not! Here are a few tips to help you get started and discover and engage influencers for your marketing endeavors.

5 Tips That Will Get You Started With Influencers Marketing in the Crypto and NFT Space

Determine Your Niche

The first step, even before you look for potential influencers to work with for your NFT project, is discovering your niche. What exactly are you looking for? Are the people willing to work with you passionate about the niche, and how does the audience respond to such topics?

Once you've defined your niche, look for leading influencers in that Crypto and NFT space. Also, ensure that these influencers have your target audience so that you get a great response.

Find Influencers With a Considerable Following

Once you have identified your niche in the NFT & Crypto space, the next step is to seek out influencers with a large following who align with your brand vision and message.

Leading crypto influencers, who have a great fan base on Tiktok and other social channels bring the ability to reach a wider audience that is interested in new NFTs and digital assets. Engaging with such mega stars increases the chances of driving higher sales and engagement.

It's worth noting that micro-influencers can also be effective in reaching a niche audience, as they too put in great time and effort to create content for your branding assets. However, when you are just starting out with your digital collectibles journey, it's important to aim for maximum online visibility and reach. This will help you gain traction and establish your brand in the market.

Pro Tip: You can also consider working with a combination of micro-influencers and top-rated influencers to get favorable results without breaking the bank!

Track the Influencers’ Social Media Channels

Once you have spotted influencers you want to work with, check how the audience feels about them using social listening tools like Brandwatch and Digimind. Check out the discussions they carry out, their personalities, and their remarks. This will help you understand how people feel about them before actually collaborating with them. This will enable you to make a more effective decision and enhance your future partnership.

Determine Campaign Budget

Budget is an essential factor when using influencer marketing. It can depend on the expected ROI or the kind of influencer you are using. Also, influencers charge depending on the campaign's duration, their experience, and the type of NFT company they promote.

All in all, ensure the influencer you pick fits your budget and will deliver the results you need.

Ensure the Influencers Understand Your Crypto Brand

At this point, you must have decided on the kind of influencers to work with. Next up, communicate your brand details to them and make sure they understand how you work and what you are trying to achieve.

Tell them about your mission, values, and any other important information related to your brand. This will ensure that they deliver your message to your followers in a laser-targeted manner.

Utilizing influencer marketing will see your NFT business shoot up. However, it can only be a success if you select the right influencer who you are sure will reach your target audience.

If you need help with where to get influencers, you can look on top social media platforms like Telegram, use Google search alerts or Hire a Crypto and NFT influencer marketing agency like MediaX. They will connect you to top influencers, increasing your brand's awareness and multiplying your sales - contact them here.