Case Study

XT exchange

As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve rapidly, XT Exchange stands at the forefront, offering a wide selection of high-quality tokens and an impressive array of over 1000 trading pairs. Traders can explore various investment opportunities, from spot trading to futures trading, margin trading, OTC trading, and even buying cryptocurrencies with credit cards. Recognizing the importance of empowering users with knowledge, Media X agency developed a content marketing strategy, including blog posts, guides, and webinars for public relations and branding strategy. As a result, Media X agency facilitated community-building initiatives and encouraged social media interactions. Regular updates, contests, and Q&A sessions enhanced user engagement and loyalty.

XcelTrip - Travel with Crypto

Xceltrip is an innovative blockchain-powered travel platform that aims to revolutionize the travel industry by providing a seamless and cost-effective experience for travelers and businesses alike. Xceltrip offers a decentralized ecosystem that ensures transparency, security, and efficiency in all travel-related transactions. Xceltrip aims to leverage blockchain technology to ensure transparency in travel bookings, pricing, and payments, thereby instilling trust among travelers and service providers. Recognizing the significance of effective communication and strategic outreach, Xceltrip decided to partner with Mediax agency to craft a comprehensive public relations campaign to establish its brand presence and building trust within the competitive travel industry. By transferring and integrating blockchain technology into travel sector, XcelTrip envisions to eliminate the need of middlemen in travel planning and booking. We have also built a platform and base to leverage crypto adoption and crypto uses-cases.


The beginning of 2018 marked a significant moment for the world, as the topic seemed to dominate the discussions among tech-savvy enthusiasts - cryptocurrency and its revolutionary potential. However, the crypto community remained undeterred and continued to express a bullish sentiment despite the market volatility. Driven by the vision that crypto exchanges would evolve into global financial institutions catering to billions of people, they set out to create Bitget, a platform that would transcend the conventional boundaries of finance. They believe crypto exchanges will become the financial institution to serve billions of people worldwide in the future. Bitget has trusted our PR Team to solidify its reputation as the leading platform for global leaders in the cryptocurrency industry. This case study examines the growth and success of Bitget, a prominent cryptocurrency trading platform. We explore the challenges the company faced, the solutions implemented, and the key factors contributing to its rise in the competitive crypto market.


KuCoin is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange platform that was founded in September 2017 by Michael Gan. Over the years, it has established itself as one of the leading global cryptocurrency exchanges, providing a wide range of digital assets for trading. KuCoin focuses on ease of use to make the trading experience accessible and efficient. KuCoin aims to offer an extensive selection of digital assets for trading, allowing users to access various cryptocurrencies conveniently on its platform. However, The company turned to Media X agency due to its knowledge of the market and cybersecurity media connections. This case study examines KuCoin's journey, its unique value proposition, growth strategies, security measures, and the challenges it faced in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading.

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Mike Wilson

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